Alignment+ 3 Grounding

by Jan Janssen



The art of Grounding

I learned to center and to ground from several disciplines: judo, tai chi, qi gong, Brennan Healing Science®, yoga, psycho-energetic grounding, and my personal journey of awakening. Over 25 years of practice and teaching I accumulated many multidimensional experiences. These multilayered discoveries have enriched my personal practice in many ways.

I will do my best here to enumerate a concise concept of the most important aspects. During the actual class, I will enter in an expanded state of consciousness that will promote as much implicit initiatory transmission as you are willing and able to receive. Explicitely I will guide us through bio-energetic, psycho-energetic, gravitational, and cosmic grounding.

Physical grounding:

equilibrium of the body and movement
stabilizing the center of gravity in the body

Bio-energetic grounding:

increasing qi (basic life force)
essential for martial arts and sports
tapping into the unlimited cosmic source of vitality
empowerment for physical performance

Psycho-energetic grounding:

essential for energy-healers, therapists and care-givers
reference for emotional and mental balance
resource for emotional and mental strength
healing power for psychological integration by tuning in with the earth's harmonics
release of stress, excessive and discordant energies
supply of renewed and vital energies

Cosmic grounding:

Safe foundation for the awakening of the kundalini
Increasing the Life Force
Sane resource and fuel for psychic and spiritual activity

Gravitational grounding:

welcoming the earth gravity as an uplifting support
stabilizing the personal center with the center of the earth
crust: from 5 to 70 km below the surface
the upper mantle: from 70 to 670 km below the surface
the lower mantle: from 670 to 2890 below the surface
the molten outer core: from 2890 to 5090 below the surface
the molten inner core: from 5090 to 6360 below the surface
center of the earth: 6360 km deep

Biological grounding:

Cellular awareness of the heritage of the evolution of life
the destiny of human species
Life plasm + Spark of Life
Entropy versus Spark of Life
Physiological forces and intelligence

Natural grounding:

Basic consciousness – unconsciousness
Unconscious body intelligence
Basic consciousness of living species (survival, orientation, communication, environment mapping, instincts)
Integration with nature
Sustainable interdependence
Resonating with the ecological system
Reading and sensing nature
Belonging to nature
Integrating into nature
Pulsing with nature
Thriving in nature

Atomic and molecular grounding:

atoms of a human body (7×10 ^ 27 atoms)
= 7 x one billion x one billion x one billion!
62% hydrogen
24% oxygen
12% carbon
2% of 57 other types of atoms
sensing the atomic and subatomic forces on a vibrational level
molecules of a human body (1,2×10 ^ 27 atoms)
= 1,2 x one billion x one billion x one billion!
sensing the molecular and chemical forces on a vibrational level
dependence on earth's resources
air, water, temperature, light, territory
crops, food
for yogis who explore the extremities of mind-matter interference


released June 14, 2020

Meditation : Jan Janssen
Sound edition : Laurie Lardinois
Artwork : Eva Craenhals


all rights reserved