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Alignment+ 6 Integral Alignment

by Jan Janssen

Introduction 03:21
Hara 12:20
Centerline 14:35
Soul Gate 23:35
ID Point 04:33


Alignment+ 6/6

The art of Intentionality
In the first class, we discussed what alignment is about in general. Then, we discovered our personal power center: the hara.

In the second class, we had a closer look at our centerline and at how to get there through different centerline techniques.

In the third class, we added the grounding aspect of the art of alignment. We addressed grounding on different ever-deepening levels: physical, emotional, psychological, energetic, cellular, social, ecological, and universal.

In the fourth class, we developed an authentic connection with our soul. To the extent, we align with our soul's purpose, we experience profound meaning in our life.

In the fifth class, we include the individuation point. This part of the alignment activates creativity, genius, universal love, inspiration, guidance, and a higher vision for our lives.

In this sixth class, we complete the alignment practice by bringing it all together. Each of the 5 elements represent already a vast potential of our inner universe. Aligning them all together does not only synchronize them perfectly. The unified totality of these resources exceeds by far the sum total of their immense reserves. Amongst other it personifies our intentionality. This is our capacity to give direction to our thoughts, actions, decisions, purpose and life. If we don't have much consciousness about these inherent creative powers, they are left to the wimps of reactivity. The deeper we consciously realize these resources, we shift from powerless reactivity towards embodied responsiveness. With aligned responsiveness we are able to give our life the direction we desire.


released October 2, 2020

Meditation : Jan Janssen
Sound edition : Laurie Lardinois
Artwork : Eva Craenhals


all rights reserved



Jan Janssen Brussels, Belgium


Les méditations sont enregistrées en live lors des pratiques hebdomadaires à Bruxelles. Infos pratiques sur : www.energiessubtiles.be/wp/nos-activites/meditations/

Pour le catalogue des méditations triées par thème : www.energiessubtiles.be/nos-activites/meditations/meditations-en-ligne/
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